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Office Management

Download The Collections Of Office Fiction online

The Collections of Office Fiction

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Language: English

Pages: 165



Format: PDF / Kindle / ePub

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Office Fiction is a collection of writings from the point of view of the manager. As a manager, your job is to coach, lead, guide, and develop the most important assets that any organization has; people. The reality though is you spend just as much time feeling like a therapist and a parent.

While a management job may be difficult it is however one of the most rewarding positions within any organization that will allow you to feel fulfilled during both times of failure and success.

Each chapter was written to reflect real situations that happen in the workplace. It is however an opinion based book and while you may not always agree with the opinions written, you will understand the back stories and relate to several of the situations that you've seen in your own workplace.

Office Fiction is written as a quick read for any first time manager or the manager who has been doing it for way too long!

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