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Download Health And Safety For Small Businesses online

Health and Safety for Small Businesses

Gavin Taylor

Format: Print Length

Language: English

Pages: 82



Format: PDF / Kindle / ePub

Size: 5 MB

Downloadable formats: PDF

This book provides guidance on relevant health and safety issues for small offices, shops and businesses. It avoids legal jargon and references and focuses on what you actually need to do in one, easy to read, location. If you run a small business, have a responsible role in a small business or are thinking of starting one, this book will help you to protect yourself and others without fuss.

Most small businesses cannot afford a full-time health and safety professional and may be wary of engaging a consultant. By reading this book you will be in a far stronger position to manage some health and safety risks using your own resources and also be able to spot areas where you may need help. This book is all about helping you to make informed decisions. This is possible because each health and topic is covered in bite-size chunks and explained in simple terms with the smaller business in mind.

The book is written with GB law in mind but the general principles could apply to any country. There are no complex legal references, just common sense terms and proportional guidance for smaller businesses. Readers will probably find that their confidence in understanding health and safety develops so that they can use the HSE's website in a more efficient manner to find more in-depth information (where required).

The topics covered include:

Chapter 1 – Introduction

Chapter 2 – Health and Safety Policy

Chapter 3 – Risk Management

Chapter 4 – Inspections and Audits

Chapter 5 - Insurance

Chapter 6 – Incident Reporting and Investigation

Chapter 7 – Welfare Facilities

Chapter 8 – First Aid

Chapter 9 – Young Persons, Pregnant or Nursing Mothers and Disability

Chapter 10 – Psychological Issues

Chapter 11 – Other Tenants and Occupiers

Chapter 12 – Landlords and Managing Agents

Chapter 13 - Asbestos

Chapter 14 – Construction Work and Control of Contractors

Chapter 15 – Display Screen Equipment

Chapter 16 – Electrical Safety

Chapter 17 – Falls from Height

Chapter 18 – Fire Safety

Chapter 19 – Gas Safety

Chapter 20 – Hazardous Substances

Chapter 21 - Legionella

Chapter 22 – Lifts

Chapter 23 – Manual Handling

Chapter 24 - Smoking

Chapter 25 – Work Equipment

Chapter 26 – Summary and Checklist

So, save yourself the time and stress involved in searching high and wide for guidance. Start here to give yourself a basic understanding of health and safety. Then, apply what you have learned and protect yourself, your employees and others by doing the right thing.

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